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For answers to other common questions about Real Lightning™, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.
How to post a property listing
1. Log into Real Lightning with your user ID and password.  If you’re not a registered member yet, click “Join” in the main menu.  Joining is easy, and it’s free.
2. After you are logged in, click the “Post” button in the main menu. TIP:  Navigate to the category where you want to post your listing, then click POST  – your category will be pre-selected in the form.
3. Fill in the Posting form with your property, product, or service details.  We don’t use MLS.  You can list any property, including for sale by owner. The Title and the Intro Description appear on the listings page for your category, along with details like square feet and price.You can post your pictures of the property, its address, asking price, and video, too.
4. Post photos of your property by dragging them into the Drag and Drop box.  You can post up to 5 photos free, and more photos for $1 or 1 Point each.Real Lightning features below-market properties for buyer/investors.  Be sure to add some details about comparable properties in the area to show what makes your property a below-market find!
5. Promote your listing – Add a Badge, like “10% Below Market” and one or more Promotions to boost your listing’s visibility.
Boost your listing with our Premium features (fees apply):
• Appear in the Featured Listings carousel at the top of your category
• First – Appear first in your category
• Badge – Add an eye-grabbing badge: “20% Below Market,” “Bank Owned,” “By Owner, etc.” – many badges to choose from
• Add Bold Text, a Box, Contrasting Background
How to contact a seller, property manager, landlord, or owner about a listing you’re interested in
1. Log into Real Lightning with your user ID and password.
2. When you’re logged in, you can see contact information to the right of the listing’s featured photo. 
3. Send a Private Message to the seller/owner by clicking their name, or follow their provided contact instructions.
How to buy and use Points:
To buy Points – Log in and follow this link:  Points Packages (or go to MY ACCOUNT > BUY POINTS).
1. Check out the Points packages. The more you buy, the better the deal!
2. Click “Buy Now” for the package you want.
3. Pay with your credit card or PayPal account. We accept major credit cards through PayPal or Stripe.
4. Now you have Points in your account.  You can use them any time. They don’t expire!
To Pay with Points – click POST to open the Create Listing form, or go to My Account > My Listings and choose one of your listings.
1. Choose the Premium features you want to add to your listing.
2. Click SAVE. The check-out page opens.
3. When you see the check-out page, choose “Pay With Points.”
◦ If you have Points in your account, you can use them at check out.
◦ If you don’t have enough Points available, you can buy a Points Package during check out.

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